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Direct Cremation £975

This simple and dignified cremation service for those who do not require the traditional elements of a funeral service such as a ceremony or procession.

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Why Choose a Direct Cremation with L E Brand and Sons?

As an independent funeral director, we look after your loved one with dignity, care and respect. One of our experienced team will be there on hand to look after you and take the pressure off arranging the funeral.

As a local funeral directors, we are very competitive with the big companies in the national media, and have first hand experience of the local area, so your loved one isn’t being cared for by a company not in the area.

Your loved ones cremation will take place at Basildon Crematorium and you will be informed of the date and time.


What do we offer that other
Direct cremations companies do not?

We offer a competitive price that we believe will more than match the other funeral directors.

We collect your loved one from the hospital or home and have them in our care until the day of the service, where as some funeral directors do not collect your loved one from the hospital until the day of the funeral.

We also travel with your loved one in our Mercedes Hearse, on their own giving them the respect they deserve, where as some other funeral directors transport your loved one in a private ambulance sometimes with more than one other individual, which they may not disclose to you. Your loved one will never travel with multiple people.

We can collect your loved one’s ashes back with us within a week of the cremation taking place and can arrange a time that suits you to collect them from our premises.


L.E Brand

Pure Cremation

Will the cremation take place at a local crematorium?



Is the deceased going to be at a nearby chapel of rest?



Will you know the date and time of the funeral?



Will you be dealing directly with the funeral director?



Will there be a dedicated vehicle for transporting your loved one with proffessional staff attendance?



Will you be able to add personal wishes i.e, Placing any special items in the casket?



Will the funeral take place within two weeks after your loved ones the death?



Are there any opportunities for family and friends to pay their respects at the crematorium before the service?



What’s Included

  • Collection of your loved one from a local Hospital or Hospice within 15 miles of our chapels of rest during business hours
  • The attention of our dedicated staff to make and guide you through the funeral arrangements and administration.
  • Transportation of your loved one to Basildon Crematorium in our Mercedes Hearse.
  • A simple coffin of our choosing.
  • Necessary staff to the commencement and carrying out of the professional service.
  • Return of the ashes to our local office if requested.
  • Disbursement fees including all necessary fees.

What’s Not Included

  • A service of any kind at the crematorium or other venue.
L.E. Brand & Sons LTD | Funeral Directors | Funeral Planning | Cremation Ceremony

Other Fees That May Apply*

  • Collection of your loved one from a private address or a residential home outside business working hours £100
  • Collection of your loved one from a private address, residential home or hospital outside of the 15-mile radius from the chapels of rest. £1.50 Per Mile.
  • Hygienic preservation & Viewing in our chapel of rest £65.
  • Oversized or Strengthened coffin.
  • Collection of loved one from Central London. £175
  • Prices from £965

The other above service is all included in our price of £975*

For any enquiries please call... 01375672142


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