When A Death Occurs

When a death occurs at home and was expected the first step is to contact the deceased’s G.P.

Outside of surgery hours you will be offered a contact number for the Out Of Hour’s Duty Doctor.

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When a death occurs in hospital

When a death occurs in hospital the first step would be to contact the bereavement team located within the hospital.

A “Medical Certificate Of Death“ can then be issued and an appointment can now be made to register the passing.

Once registration has taken place your selected funeral director can now arrange for your loved one to be conveyed from the hospital into their private chapels of rest.

Out Of Hours Duty Doctor

If the death occurs outside of surgery hours a Duty Doctor will attend the home and issue a “certificate of attendance”. The out Of Hours Duty Doctor will then inform you that your Funeral Director can now be contacted.

Once the deceased’s surgery is open you can take the certificate of attendance and the G.P will issue you with the “Medical Certificate Of Death”.

If the death was at home but unexpected please refer to the “sudden or Unexpected” death page.

G.P Attendance

If death occurs during surgery hours the deceased’s G.P will attend the home to certify the passing and issue a “Medical Certificate Of Death”. With this certificate you are now in a position to contact the local registrar to register the passing.

The Doctor will then inform you that your Funeral Director can be contacted.

For further information please use the following link here.

When a death occurs in a care home

If the death occurred in a nursing or residential home the staff on duty will contact the doctor on your behalf. Unless already arranged with the home on the care plan the staff will ask who is your selected funeral director.

If you would like us at L.E Brand & Sons to take care of the funeral arrangements the nursing staff will contact us at the appropriate moment on 01375 672142 where two dedicated staff members will attend the home to convey your loved one into our care.

When a death is sudden or unexpected

If the death was unexpected the first step is to call paramedics and the police. In this instance the police may wish for the coroner to investigate the passing.
The police will arrange for the deceased to be conveyed to a local hospital where a post mortem may be required.

Once the coroner’s office have finalised their investigations and a cause of death has been ascertained they will make contact with the next of kin to instruct that the registration can now take place. The Coroner’s office will also ask which funeral director will undertake the funeral arrangements and that a funeral date can now be made.

When to contact your funeral director

The loss of a loved one can be a very distressing time whether it was expected or not. If the passing was either at home or a care home the doctor will inform you when to contact us.

If you require our services you can contact us on 01375 672142 or use the contact form ( please note this is only monitored during office hours) . Alternatively you are welcome to visit our High street branch where an experienced and compassionate member of our team will be available to offer advice.

Private parking is available at the rear of the property with a disabled entrance if required.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.
A dedicated team is always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be contacted outside of office hours on 01375 672142.

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