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Should I plan a direct cremation or a traditional funeral?

It is an overwhelming time when you’ve lost a loved one or when making plans for a funeral. At L.E Brand & Sons, we understand the importance of making the right decisions during this difficult time and recognise that an experienced helping hand can be invaluable. We have provided first-class bespoke funeral services to the community since 1880. This means that we understand the importance and sensitivity of this necessary process. We have a dedicated team of professionals on hand 24 hours a day to look after your needs and care for you and your loved ones. We provide compassionate knowledge and support from the very first phone call, supporting you every step of the way. From helping with the registration process and arranging the service with the crematorium to booking the minister and dealing with all the necessary paperwork – we’re here.

Whether you’re planning your own funeral in advance or are taking the steps to plan the funeral of a loved one, we can help. One question we’re commonly asked is ‘Should I plan a direct cremation or a traditional funeral?’. Fortunately, we’re perfectly placed to help you navigate these funeral types and decide on the one that’s right for you, your loved one and your family.

If you need advice or guidance about planning a funeral, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Understanding Funeral Types

Direct Cremation

What is a direct cremation?
A direct cremation is the simplest cremation service for those who don’t require traditional elements such as a ceremony or procession that involves a hearse. Direct cremations are where the deceased goes straight to the crematorium to be cremated. There is no service, no mourners and the date for the cremation is generally chosen by the funeral director.

What’s included in a direct cremation?

Direct cremations with L.E Brand & Sons include everything for a simple send-off. Our direct cremations include:

  • Collection of your loved one from a Hospital or Hospice within 15 miles of our Chapels of rest during business hours.
  • Transportation of your loved one to your chosen crematorium in a specialised vehicle.
  • Accommodation of your loved one for up to 14 days before the cremation.
  • A simple coffin of our choosing.
  • Necessary staff to the commencement and carrying out of the professional service.
  • Ashes are returned to our local office if requested.
  • Disbursement fees including Crematorium Fees and Doctors Fees.

For more information about our direct cremations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re here to help in any way we can.

Is a direct cremation the right choice?

Our direct cremations are a popular choice for many. Here’s why our direct cremations may be right for you…

Cheaper Option
We offer direct cremations from £975 which is cheaper than a traditional funeral. If cost is a determining factor for you, then direct cremations could help save a considerable amount on funeral costs.

No Time Constraints
Unlike funerals, which happen soon after death, direct cremations provide more flexibility and no time constraints. This gives families more time to plan memorial services or simply to allow loved ones to grieve and adjust.

No Funeral Or Cremation Service
Saying goodbye to a loved one is a highly personal experience and not everyone wants a
funeral or cremation service. Our direct cremations alleviate any concerns that you may have about attending a funeral.

Non-Religious Funerals
Direct cremations are a good choice to make if you’d prefer a non-religious funeral. Our
direct cremations give you the flexibility to organise a celebration of life or memorial service in ways that you see fit.

Simple Farewell
Direct cremations can provide relief if you’d like a simple farewell with minimal fuss. Direct cremations don’t require flowers, an elaborate coffin, music and more, and could be the right option for you.

If you have special requests or any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our compassionate team are here to assist with any queries you may have about direct cremations.

How much does a direct cremation cost?

Our direct cremations are available from £975. This pricing is just the Funeral Director’s fees for that specific service any extras and third-party costs will be extra.

Traditional Funeral

What is a traditional funeral?

A traditional funeral is inclusive of all traditional elements of a funeral including a ceremony or procession that involves a hearse to transport the deceased, a formal service and burial or cremation. A traditional funeral will have a designated date and mourners will be invited to the service ahead of time.

What’s included in a traditional funeral?

  • Bringing your loved one into our care from their place of death within 15 miles of our Chapels of Rest during business working hours.
  • We will arrange a Minister or Celebrant to lead the funeral service and liaise with service venues and third parties on your behalf to ensure your wishes are carried out.
  • Provision of our oak veneered coffin fully fitted and furnished with luxury linings.
  • Hygienic Preservation and dressing your loved one in their own clothes or a gown for an open viewing in our chapels of rest.
  • Collection of cremated remains from the crematorium.
  • We will care for and accommodate your loved one until the time of the funeral.
  • Provision of the Hearse, one limousine and necessary bearers for the occasion of the funeral.
  • A Funeral Director on the day of the funeral to support and guide you through the funeral.
  • On-going support and advice about the cremated remains or burial plot.

For more information about our traditional funerals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re here to help in any way we can.

Is a traditional funeral the right choice?

Our traditional funerals are a popular choice for many. Here’s why our traditional funerals may be right for you…

Say Goodbye
Our traditional funerals provide mourners with the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones with a formal funeral service. Funeral services also provide an environment for families to come together for emotional support.

Tailored To Your Loved One
Unlike a direct cremation which doesn’t include any personalisation options, traditional
funerals can be personalised to the deceased. This allows for meaningful tributes including readings, music and more.

Culture & Religion
Depending on your culture or religion, you may require a traditional funeral. Some cultures and religions honour the deceased with a formal ceremony that provides a connection to their heritage and ancestry.

Though more expensive than direct cremations, traditional funerals with L.E Brand & Sons are affordable for many. Our traditional funerals are available from £2,635 and you can design the funeral around your needs.

Traditional funerals may foster a sense of community where mourners can come together to remember the deceased. This can be beneficial in creating a shared mourning space and a physical place of remembrance.

If you have special requests or any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our compassionate team are here to assist with any queries you may have about traditional funerals.

How much does a traditional funeral cost?

Our traditional funerals are available from £2,635. This pricing is just the Funeral Director’s fees for that specific service any extras and third-party costs will be extra.

The Differences Between a Direct Cremation and a Traditional Funeral

Direct Cremation 
Traditional Funeral 
Doesn’t have a formal 
funeral service and has 
minimal ceremonial 
Involves a formal funeral service 
including a hearse and 
procession with personalisation 
options such as eulogies. 
Faster, allowing for more 
immediate arrangements 
and flexibility in scheduling 
memorial services later. 
Involves a longer planning 
process with the service and 
burial often held within a few 
days of the passing. 
Generally more cost
effective as it removes 
costs associated with a 
traditional funeral service. 
Involves additional costs for the 
service, transportation, 
ceremonies and any added 
extras or personalisation. 
Memorial Options 
Offers several options for 
memorialisation, such as 
scattering ashes or placing 
them in an urn. 
Provides a physical resting place 
for the deceased, facilitating 
visitation and ongoing 

Making the Decision

Choosing between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral is a highly personal decision. Here are some of the things you should consider before making the decision…

  • Does the deceased have any wishes?
  • What are the deceased’s personal beliefs and values?
  • What is your budget for the funeral? Is there any financial assistance available?
  • What are the collective wishes of family and friends?
  • How important is a physical place for remembrance?
  • Do you want to include any personalisation options?
  • How much planning are you willing or able to undertake?
  • What are the legal requirements for each option?
  • How will each option impact family and friends?

We recommend consulting with our compassionate and friendly team for personalised assistance and tailored advice. We are dedicated to providing the support and guidance needed during this challenging time, ensuring that the chosen option aligns with your unique circumstances and preferences. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us today. We’re here to help.

Funeral Planning Checklist…

At L.E Brand & Sons, we have years of experience in assisting families in the next stages when someone passes away. Planning a funeral is never easy, so we’ve put together this funeral planning checklist to help you with the arrangements. Here are the steps to take when someone passes away:

  • Register the death within 5 days to obtain the death certificate.
  • Check to see if the deceased has left any funeral instructions in their Will (or elsewhere).
  • Check if they had life insurance or a prepaid funeral plan.
  • If using one, hire a funeral director.
  • Decide on the type of funeral – cremation or burial.
  • Choose the type of coffin.
  • Decide on the type of funeral service (e.g. religious or non-religious).
  • Choose the venue (e.g. chapel, burial site etc).
  • Arrange the transportation.
  • Choose the flower arrangements (or select a charity for donations.
  • Plan the service details in full (including dress code, music, readings, eulogy etc).
  • Create the order of service.
  • If having a wake, book the venue and catering.
  • Send out invitations.

These are the basic steps to follow when planning a funeral for your loved one. If you’re not sure how to go about planning a funeral, or if you need support during this difficult time, read our What You Need to Know About Planning a Funeral blog post. We explore the key steps to planning a funeral and provide valuable insights to help you navigate this difficult time. If you need advice or guidance about planning a funeral, contact us today.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Some people never get around to discussing funeral wishes with their loved ones, which can lead to all sorts of worry and anxiety when the time comes. By taking some time now, you can provide your loved ones with financial and practical help, as well as peace of mind, by having your funeral arrangements in place. Get in touch with us today if you need help arranging your Funeral Plan.

Taking Care of You Every Step of the Way

If you require our services you can contact us on 01375 672142 or use our contact form. You are also welcome to visit our branch where a compassionate team member will be available to offer advice. Our opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm. A dedicated team is always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be contacted outside of office hours.

For more advice about planning your funeral or planning a loved one’s funeral, please
don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today